Backyard Zoo, Part Two

Our neighborhood has a number of sandhill cranes that wander through on pretty much a daily basis. In fact, our general area has so many cranes loitering around, I’m surprised they’re considered endangered. In the spring, our resident pair gave birth to two wonderful, fuzzy chicks. Months later, the tall and elegant foursome make the rounds along our pond looking for the day’s meal.

20110926-210135.jpgThis is a picture of one of the family. At this point, the chicks are now full grown, so I couldn’t tell you which crane this is. He spent the better part of the day hanging around in our yard, with at least 30 minutes of it staring in our sliding glass door. He was generally unperturbed that we came close to our side of the window to stare. Having seen the way people can become mesmerized by TV, I almost felt like we were an exciting storyline on bird daytime television. It was fun!

I’ve been thinking ahead to next spring, when our crane family expands again. Will the now-grown chicks bring their crane spouses and little ones to join their parents at our pond? I wonder how many cranes our pond can support! If we get enough, maybe we should open a crane sanctuary and rival our local “animal-themed” parks…



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