Bumper Bowling

Mr. GreatWeirdness and I took our little weirdnesses to the bowling alley on a Saturday afternoon. It was their first time. It’s been a number of years since my last time in one. Our local bowling alley used to be a real “dive” in all its bowling alley glory – a thick haze of smoke hanging in the air, shoes that had probably been worn by no less than 49,500 people wearing their sweatiest and smelliest socks, a sketchy pool table area in the dark back corner, a somewhat haggard individual working the register and the shoe counter.

I find I experience a real nostalgia when I think about it, which seems a little odd as a non-smoker and a pretty borderline bowler. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a relatively small town where bowling was one of the few options for things to do. Maybe it’s because my great-aunt worked in a bowling alley up until recently and she’s in, I think, her eighties now and always struck me as delightfully proper in her Canadian-ness…which just seems great to me in my bowling alley vision.

20110926-210517.jpgFor my girls’ sake, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that our old bowling alley had clearly been renovated. It was clean. The shoes didn’t seem over-used. And did you know thy have digital bumpers now? No more major hassle to get them in place and everyone playing a bumpered game. They can actually have them pop up and down just when it’s your child’s turn. Crazy times!

While our littlest wasn’t quite ready to pick up a ball, she had a great time cheering us on. And our oldest did such a good job at playing and not getting frustrated when she couldn’t get it perfect. I can say with confidence that the GreatWeirdness family will definitely be bowling again. Put on a pair of bowling shoes lately?



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One response to “Bumper Bowling”

  1. Anonymous says :

    I grew up going to the bowling alley almost every Friday night to “watch” my mom bowl. Mostly I ran around the bowling alley with the other bowling orphans, watched the big kids play the pinball machines. Fond memories. Still love the smell of the bowling alley, but rarely bowl anymore.

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