When You’re Smilin’

Recently, a friend of mine was letting me flip through a book on her desk that was a reminder of some of her past experiences overseas. The book, full of colorful pictures and natural wonder, was a cultural feast in and of itself. However, there was one picture that sticks in my mind still, while the rest has generally retreated into my subconscious.

The picture was of an elderly woman. Wrinkled, grey-haired, stooped, like most pictures of the elderly. A pipe of some sort dangled from her lips. A little less usual in my cultural context, but not noteworthy. But the enormous grin on her face… It was wonderful. It was exhilarating. It was beautiful. I can still see it clearly in my mind.

How wonderful to have people think of pure joy when they think of your face! There are lots of ways to be remembered, many of them good. I’d like this to be one of the ways I’m remembered. Happy to the core.


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