Sitting in the Big Girl Chair

Do you remember being a kid in walking into a restaurant or a fast food place where they had the tall chairs and tables? I think they call them pub tables, although they have them at Subway…and further, it doesn’t seem particularly safe to have people at a pub sitting up on tall chairs.

I always wanted to sit in those chairs. My memory of them as a kid is from McDonald’s. There was something incredible about getting to sit in those chairs. It was like a special treat. “I’m sitting in a chair that’s extra tall, and my feet are dangling, and I’m taller than everyone. Teehee!” (Remember, I’m a little girl in this example. I almost never use “teehee” nowadays.).

Now, as an adult, I find I still gravitate towards those chairs when I see a chance to use one. It doesn’t have the same impact. Maybe it’s because I’m now so much bigger in relation to the chair? So, I want to make sure my girls get to sit in those chairs when they want to when we go out, since I know the experience will only last a limited time for them.

I think if they made a super-tall pub stool, more proportionate to my adult size in relation to the way they were when I was a kid, I think I might find it exciting to sit in them again. And I might even “teehee,” just a little.


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2 responses to “Sitting in the Big Girl Chair”

  1. slg2010 says :

    Dear GW, you are certainly in the Big Girl Chair now!

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