Turning off the Email Torture

Let’s see if you recognize this experience. You wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of a persistent buzzing. It’s pitch dark. You can’t see your hand in front of your face. You feel something brush against your skin. Suddenly, your anxiety is up sky high, because there’s a mosquito in your bedroom looking for a taste of you and you’ll never find her before she finds you. You swat around in the dark. You contemplate hiding all of your exposed flesh under the covers, but abandon that plan quickly because it’s just way too hot and sweaty under there for that.

But I digress…

The whole purpose in this exercise was to get your blood pumping just thinking about this example, because I discovered something else that has this effect on me. It sneaks up on me in the night, raises my stress because I feel helpless against it, never knowing when it will strike. But this time, I’m taking action. I’m not going to lie in helpless wait. I’ve taken real action against this menace.

I turned off the notifications on my phone that tell me I have new email. No more gentle bongs alerting me to my growing inbox. No more vibrations shaking the table to get my attention. When I started realizing how physically impacted I was by just the knowledge that I had gotten yet another email, I realized this couldn’t possible be healthy, so I turned it off. Sure, I’ll still see the number of new email when I visually look at my phone. I just wont be jolted by its presence (or seductively called to check it in the middle of something else) anymore.

I feel better already.


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2 responses to “Turning off the Email Torture”

  1. antlike says :

    Excellent decision and excellent advice!

  2. Russ says :

    I turned mine off ages ago…it was distracting and addictive! I actually go one step further with my iPhone. I leave it in a totally different room at night. If someone actually calls, I will here the ring. Otherwise, I want nothing to do with it while sleeping. It dominates enough of my waking life already! 🙂

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