The Zoo from my Window

When we were considering moving into this house, one of the things that really drew me was the…well, in practical terms, I might as well call it a bird and alligator sanctuary. We’re blessed with an amazing and constantly changing view of various bird life and smaller-sized alligators taking a morning and afternoon swim. In addition, we’ve had a regular set of spiders, lizards, and beetles wandering around outside of our window in typical tropical sunbathing. However, a visitor we haven’t had until this week was this one:


I’m guessing there are two reasons we don’t get many squirrels in the backyard. First, our backyard is a barren wasteland of barely surviving grass. Second, beyond the grass are hungry little alligators who would find a squirrel a delicious snack. So, this little guy was a surprise.

I took this picture while he hung upside down on the screen of our sliding door. He was remarkably patient as I got close enough on the other side of the glass to get this close. Of course, this could be because I had an enforcer helping put fear into his poor, squirrel-y heart.

Meet Lady Fluffyface the Fourth (or Fluffy):


We’ll save Fluffy for another post.

Anyway, our squirrel friend and Fluffy enjoyed one another for about an hour this way.  I wandered off, and when I came back, they’d both moved on.  I guess Mr. Squirrel finally figured out that Fluffy was the one in the zoo, not the other way around. And you can always move more freely when you realize the thing you fear is safely contained…for the moment.  I bet that squirrel was coasting on adrenaline for most of the afternoon.


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