Experience Required

My mom made a comment to me this weekend that I’m giving my daughters a lot of great experiences, which got me thinking about the importance of experiences in life.  I like myself a lot more when I’m continually pushing myself to experience new things.  I feel like it helps me get outside of myself – my own wants and desires and biases. 

When I go experience something that makes me momentarily uncomfortable, it produces in me the long-term ability to never be uncomfortable in that experience again.  I remember the first time I flew somewhere by myself.  It was surreal.  Disturbing in its aloneness.  Uncomfortable.  I’ll never have to do that for the first time again.  It’s going to a friend’s house for the first time, and later discovering that you’ve somehow become quite at home there, too.

I have a natural bent towards collecting experiences.  I’d rather do something new/different than have a gift on a holiday.  I prefer creating a memory to something tangible.  So, it’s pretty likely that I’m leading my girls that way because of the enjoyment I get out of it.  However, I hope it serves them well in the long run.  I’m so much less afraid when I test out the scary waters and get it over with.  If I can help them make that a habit early, or even take them through some of those experiences with me, then I hope it means they will be more broadminded, ready to face anything individuals.

My mom also commented to me this weekend that I had become who I had because I hadn’t come “home” after college.  It took me by surprise, because it had never crossed my mind to move back home.  I think she’s right.  I hope all of these experiences are leading me to become more Christlike.  I think they are, because the more I can put aside my own prejudices and twisted-heart motives, the more I am able to relate to others – even love them.  I hope that’s something I can teach my girls right from the beginning.

Anyway, I need a plan for a new experience.  I have an idea, but I’m always looking for more.  Got any suggestions?


5 responses to “Experience Required”

  1. Kristi says :

    Come visit me in Korea! 🙂

  2. andthereyouhaveit says :

    hey maybe if you go, we can go together! I’m not up for traveling with baby alone, but maybe if ratio of babies to adults was at least even I’d be up for it 🙂

    • greatweirdness says :

      Oh, that sounds even better. I love it! Okay, let’s put our heads together and figure this out.

  3. Kristi says :


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