Who Thought THIS Was A Good Idea? Part II

That’s right!  It’s time once again to look at some of the more ridiculous or unfortunate advertising/product offerings out there today.  And as always, you get my charming wit for free.  Lucky you!  Please note, some names of companies have been adjusted or removed so as not to have my critique accidentally become part of the “search” results when someone looks for the company…

Today, I present before you three cringe-worthy candidates, in no particular order:

  • McDonald’s “The Coke Reflex” – I think this was on television, too, but I heard the majority of these commercials on the radio.  The whole idea was that they wanted you to think about that great “aah” feeling you get from drinking a Coke when you’re really thirsty.  This would hopefully be separate from the “AAH” feeling you get when you accidentally douse yourself in said Coke by trying to drink it too fast.  My issue isn’t with the idea behind this ad, since I agree that it can be a pretty great feeling to drink a cold soda on a hot day (or after particularly greasy foods – no offense, McDonald’s…).  However, I do have a real problem with calling this feeling “The Coke Reflex.”  The only time I’ve ever heard something couched in the terms “The <Blank> Reflex,” it’s been the GAG reflex, which I’m quite sure they weren’t going for here.  Anyway, every time I hear this commercial, I think about gagging, which doesn’t make me want to go have a Coke at McDonald’s any time soon.
  • ST Security Systems* for Burglars– Just heard their newest installment of their radio ads yesterday while waiting for my doctor’s appointment in the car, away from all those flu-sick people probably haunting the waiting room.  The general series for the ads has been quite clever.  Two burglars (think Home Alone style) discuss what houses to hit in various neighborhoods and are repeatedly foiled by ST’s security systems.  This brings us to the newest ad, which has the two criminals discussing what a great haul they’ve made from houses without ST.  The haul has been so great that they’ve been storing their loot in a warehouse, which they now want to secure so it doesn’t get stolen.  Turns out, although it burns their biscuits to do it, they’re going to use ST because it’s so secure.  Well, great, ST!  I’m glad to know you’re keeping the burglar’s haul safe.  This makes me view the previous commercials in a whole new light.  I don’t think you meant to encourage this train of thought, but it now sounds like you’ve spent months encouraging the burglars to hit houses that don’t have your system and you’re now going to HELP the burglars protect their ill-gotten gains by securing it for them.  Way to go, I guess…
  • Photos for Your Feet – Went on an Internet photo company’s site today and saw a special on a photo doormat.  That’s right!  You can get your beloved family photos transferred into something that you, your visitors, and random strangers who leave things tacked to your door can all wipe their feet on.  On second thought, this could be a brilliant promotion.  After all, there are probably some photos in my collection of people or places I don’t care for…  See, either way it’s wrong.  Either you put someone or something you love at the risk of degradation or you put someone or something you don’t like there and allow some un-Christian activity to go on.  Guess I won’t be participating in THAT promotion.

More to come…


2 responses to “Who Thought THIS Was A Good Idea? Part II”

  1. Russ says :

    Okay…I recognized the first two and laughed all the way through. But the photo doormat is really the best. This would make a great gag gift to give someone. Hmm, Christmas is coming and White Elephant parties are undoubtedly going to abound. I may have to find that web site.

  2. April says :

    Or Coke causes acid reflux (I know, I’m pregnant).

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