Serious Navel-Gazing

Well, here I am at 21 weeks pregnant.  A little moody.  A lot tired and finding it hard to feel like “doing” anything.  A whole lot stunned by the size of this ever-expanding basketball I carry around with me, even though I’ve done all of this once before.

I’m fascinated by the loss of my bellybutton.  I’m enthralled by each kick and elbow and poke.  I want to use this newfound expansion as a drink rest.  I want to cover the extra space with temporary tattoos (and just may…).  I want to decide on a name so that when I think about my coming little girl, her identity and presence become solidly a part of my day-to-day life like our first Little GreatWeirdness.

So, if I’m somewhat distracted or I don’t keep up so well with my social networking and blogging or I’ve forgotten a detail you know we just talked about, please forgive me.  I’ll be back to my usual self in a while…give or take 7 months (4 months of waiting, then 3 months of sleep deprivation…).  For now, be patient with me.  I’m just navel-gazing.


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