I’m Confused About: Who Thought THIS Was A Good Idea?

Context:  You know that moment when you see a new product or your see/hear an ad that makes you bust out laughing because….well..did they really think through all the angles on this one?  Yeah, this is about that.

Pepsi Throwback:   Seriously?  Did no one in the name-brainstorming meetings raise their hand and say, “You know, that makes me think of Pepsi Throw-Up.  Maybe that’s not a good idea.”  While it tastes pretty good, we’re calling it “Pepsi Upchuck” at the GreatWeirdness house.

Winn-Dixie:  Connecting your food environment with the song, “Getting Better All the Time” does very little to instill confidence in me.  How am I supposed to feel about the groceries I bought there before this became your ad slogan?  How bad were things when you first started getting better?  How much better are you now?  Inquiring minds want to know.  You can redecorate the inside of your store to make it look classy, but I’m still skeptical about food quality when you’re still using this slogan.  How about you let me know when things are at their best..or great..and maybe I’ll come by again.

Dunkin Donuts:  The latest TV commercial shows kids getting sucked into Saturday morning cartoons.  It looks like an ad run by the American Pediatric Association to warn you about the dangers of letting your kids watch too much TV and turn into ADHD-riddled couch potatoes.  Just when it looks like it may be “too late,” dad opens the door and breaks the spell by telling the kids he’s got a dozen donuts.  The kids snap out of their trance and rush into the kitchen for a sugar-induced coma as part of their healthy breakfast.  So, Dunkin, let me get this straight.  You’re basically saying…”Hey parents, TV isn’t good for your kids, so why not give them something better…like sugary, fat-filled, carbohydrate load donuts.  I’d prefer to not have my kid glazed over either way, but at this point, I’d rather let the munchkin watch an episode of “Super Why” then let her fill her stomach with enough sugar to ensure I’ll be frantic and frazzled trying to keep up with her.

So, how about you?  What are the products/ads/etc. that make you wonder who thought it was a good idea?


4 responses to “I’m Confused About: Who Thought THIS Was A Good Idea?”

  1. mefkin says :

    there are numerous commercials that fit this category – I just can’t think of any right now. what gets me are some of the commercials that strive to be so incredibly strange that I can see them dozens of times and never be able to remember what they are advertising.

    then there are the companies that use slogans that are such extreme understatements – like an airline that states, “we get you there!” that’s it? you’ll get me there? isn’t that the very LEAST I should expect?

    most lawyers should never do their own ads. Car dealers should never do their own ads (will Davis Maus ever figure out what to do with his hands?)

  2. andthereyouhaveit says :

    yeah so the dunkin thing, everytime it comes on Neil and are like seriously? You’re trying to sell me on dunkin donuts as quality family time. It’s really quite ridiculous, I mean it’s not like they really expect us to believe we’re being good to our kids by giving them a donut in the morning…do they?

  3. Dustin says :

    Your first point about Pepsi made me laugh out loud (though I will never shorten that to an acronym). I used to go to a restaurant in Gainesville, where one of the menu items was “come back gravy.” I typically don’t want my food to come back, though I think the connotation they were going for was that people would always “come back for the gravy,” and not the other way around. They definitely needed better writers and marketing folks.

  4. royeyre says :

    When I read your comment about Pepsi, I immediately thought of Dunkin Donuts. So I thought I knew where you were going with DD… but I was wrong.

    My friend Justin won’t eat at Dunkin Donuts because of their slogan, “America Runs on Dunkin.” I can’t see that slogan any other way now.

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