People-Watching: The MOEs

Context:  Return with me to a time before the current economic mess when unemployment, at least in the Central Florida area, was down to an astonishingly low 3 and 4%.   That’s when this phenomenon started for me, anyway.

I have always been fascinated by the “morning outdoor exercisers,” or let’s call them MOEs.  One part envy, one part disbelief, I stare out the car window at them, dressed in their specialty biking, running, and walking gear.  I am always especially impressed by the biking gear.  It’s so bright and shiny and…tight.  Too tight.  This is not the sport for me.

Anyway, what gets me is this:  Why don’t these people have to be anywhere?  If I’m driving to work, and the radio is declaring traffic jams in all directions from OTHER people going to work, then what are these people doing?  There are so many of them, sometimes traveling in packs (especially the bicyclists).  If they are stay-at-home parents, where are their children?  They can’t all be late shift workers, can they?  Do they all get to go to work so much later than the rest of us?

If I’m being honest, it’s really the envy that does me in.  I can’t imagine a better time of the day to be outside experiencing nature and getting a little exercise than in the cool of the morning just when the sun is coming up.  It’s bright enough that you don’t have to worry about being out alone in the wooded neighborhood (which would not be a problem if you knew jujitsu, but you don’t).  The birds are chirping happily.  The neighborhood dogs are actually quiet, unlike 3 a.m. when you had ungodly thoughts on how to help that little yapper meet his Maker.  The air is cool and crisp and clear.  THIS is when I want to exercise, but I have to go to work.  Totally unfair.

I told you, it’s an envy problem.  So, if you’re one of these MOEs, please forgive me when I stare daggers into the back of your Champion running shirt.  It’s not you that I have a problem with.  I just want to be you.  And I kinda like calling you a MOE.



3 responses to “People-Watching: The MOEs”

  1. Joy says :

    I’m sue they could be all sorts of things. But I prefer to think they’re just the actual 9-5ers, and then proceed to reminise on the good ole days when I got to sleep until the sun came up every morning. As you can see I don’t suffer from the same envy as you 🙂

  2. twangskitter says :

    I dig the term, I have a feeling it’ll stick with me. As for the envy, I’ll take my exercise indoors, in the evening, with the wrench… Colonel Mustard optional. Thank you.

  3. twangskitter says :

    Oh and LOL jujitsu.

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