Today’s Song: “You Found Me” – The Fray

Tonight,  I found God in the ICU waiting room, where I met the family of a friend of mine for the first time.  For the first time in my adult life, the person in the hospital bed, the person hanging on to this life by that thin thread where God still works miracles, is my close friend.  Our friendship has never seemed so precious.

If you’ve heard today’s song, you’ll know that it’s a particularly sad one, but I think also a song of ultimate knowledge and salvation.  Maybe I read a little too much hope into it.  The singer wants to know where God was during a time of deep despair and loss.  Tonight, I knew exactly where God was.  God was in how we were able to spend important moments with a mother fearing the worst kind of loss.   We were able to cry with her, and to celebrate the wonderful uniqueness of her son with her.  Although we had never met her, or her husband, or our friend’s younger brother, we were embraced and included as part of a close, prayerful, deeply caring community.

Even though we were only given the briefest glimpse of our friend before we went home, I am so glad that we were able to be there.  I’m so glad that we could be a listening ear to this sweet and loving woman.  I’m glad that we could share this burden together.  The singer of The Fray asks God, “Where were you…?”  I know where God was.  He was there all the time.

Please pray for my friend.


2 responses to “Today’s Song: “You Found Me” – The Fray”

  1. Neil Byce says :

    Hey girl, I really enjoyed this post. I am glad that you are doing this now. Also, I wanted to let you know that I changed my site over to WordPress as wel so you need to adjust my page please 🙂

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