Right, so here we go…

Let’s be honest right from the start.  This is my third blog attempt.  Although I generally start strong, I always lose my momentum.  Clearly, the reason for this is that I do my best writing in my head in the car, so until I start putting things down while I’m in the car, I’m probably going to lose it again.

Why great weirdness?  Weirdness is one of the things I really like about myself.  I’ve been reading Captivating, that book meant to explain to women why we’re so dissatisfied with ourselves and how “good Christian women” fix it.  Since it’s been years since the book was popular, I decided now was a good time to pick it up.  Anyway, part of the book talks about the promises we make ourselves when we’re younger and how they affect us as we become adults.

Middle school was one of those particularly tough times for me, and the promise I made myself was that I wasn’t going to speak – anymore – at all.  Not a realistic promise.  I do, however, see how that schoolgirl promise has become something of a normal way of living for me.  I prefer being the listener in groups (even in groups of friends).    I’ve picked a job where I can comfortably couch everything I say in “tactful diplomacy.”  And I’ve generally denied pieces of myself that I really enjoyed when I was younger, like writing.  Maybe it’s time to start breaking that promise…in small doses.

A few things you can probably expect topic-wise from this blog:  Today’s Song, People-Watching, Naval-Gazing, and probably some kind of cleverly titled news topic.  Yeah, that’s a good start.  See you when the weirdness strikes me!


4 responses to “Right, so here we go…”

  1. Amy says :

    I totally do my best blog thinking in the car, too! But then I forget all about it the moment I step through my doorway. Occasionally I’ll have a “eureka!” moment in the shower, but by the time I get dried off and dressed I’m distracted by something else. Anyways, just wanted to wish you good luck on your new blog attempt! Looking forward to reading about all the weirdness. =)

  2. Veep of Vending says :

    Hooray! It’s funny how many things you’ve said that I could say about myself in an “opening” blog. No, not the part about Captivating. And, it’s funny because I was just going to retract my FB comment because I didn’t know typepad was pay. 😉 Look for my copy cat blog whenever I can think of a decent title.

  3. greatweirdness says :

    Ask Tim! He’s half the reason for this blog title. =)

  4. andthereyouhaveit says :

    YAY for new blogs! you’ve given me good ideas with the categories thing…I’ve been trying to figure out how I was going to use them, I have an idea now. Of course this will be a midstream change which is always uh..interesting. But if I try to plan these things first I never start! So good for you for starting and planning!!! I’m impressed 🙂

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